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Perk your day up with a pleasant spa Experience at

The Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa

Signature Bamboo Massage, Dr. Fish Therapy, Candle Massage infused with soy butter and jojoba oil & much more at this women-centric spa offering
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Welcome to our spa

To take a respite from the daily grind and to wash off the workday tensions that besiege us, and to store up as much as we can of the pleasant vibes and warm memories until the next escapade, that's what the Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa, started in 2009 in Mumbai is all about.

With its women-oriented spa treatments catering from a delightful soy candle to an intense pressure massage using a 'Bamboo' till the sensitive PMS pains and mood swings, the Khar-based Bambooo Tree All Day Spa is a perfect destination for all those stressed out 9:00 to 5:00 workoholic women longing for some pampering.

The spa re-launched itself with its signature treatments at a plush new place at Khar, with the perfect ambience to suit its dedicated clientele.

Be it the famous Dr Fish Therapy, or the unique one-of-its-kind Bamboo massage or the soothing Candle massage - everything you always loved is all here as before! The spa offers a host of immaculate relaxation and beautifying therapies that will pamper your every mood and lets you unwind.

The People behind Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa:

The spa also offers an array of indulgent treatments including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Therapy (For Spondylitis and Stiff Back), Lymphatic drainage massage & other body treatments, Facials - Marine Facial, different kinds of Manicures and Pedicures, Reflexology & Oriental Scalp Massage and PMS Massage (Pre menstrual syndrome) to renew, replenish, and relax you completely in a space where you can find your own inner tranquility..

Mr. Farooq Merchant, Founder, Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa explains while on a peaceful vacation in Malaysia and Singapore years before, was impressed by the exclusive treatments offered there. It immediately struck Zehra, the co-founder; that Mumbai lacks these kinds of services and treatments and should bring in a similar feel and experience of Malaysia and Singapore for everyone in Mumbai. Thus, was born the idea of Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa, which was the first in India to introduce the celebrated Doctor Fish therapy in year 2009.

Today's women play so many roles in her life from being a homemaker to a mother to a business woman or a full day working woman. She is an all rounder and every person around her is somehow or the other dependent on her which is exhausting. Handling so many responsibilities is both overwhelming and exhausting and hence she deserves a day of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments. Our spa treatments like PMS massages, Cranial massages, Dr. Fish Pedicures and many other women centric treatments that we offer will help these women relieve their tensions, stress and enjoy a day of absolute pampering.

Mrs. Zehra Merchant, Co-Founder

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